I’ve added a new page with links to certain (preprints of) articles in the Princeton Companion to Mathematics.

Ivana calls it the “Princeton Companion to Mathematicians”, because I can often be found in its company. I guess I set up this page so that those without access to the book will not be deprived of the companionship it provides 😛

I personally own a copy of this wonderful book, and would encourage anyone interested in math to buy a copy. It’s my first stop whenever I’m exploring a new area of math. The articles are very insightful, and succinctly highlight the key ideas in a field or theorem. The downside is that it’s very heavy! Even though I lugged it in my bags from Cornell to Singapore, I am now very reluctant to carry it around. Which is a pity because this resource is really worth sharing. With this page, I can now refer my friends to certain articles, rather than having them come over to my place, or bringing the book out to meet them.

Click here to get to the links!


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